“Quarantine Dreams”

Daydreams. Nightdreams. When one enters the otherworldly realms of dreams, one does not necessarily stop and analyze the experience. Or at least that was the case, up until about a year ago. Occasionally, I remember select dreams, but then, only if I wake to either record a verbal or written note about them. During the pandemic quarantine over the last year, I made it a point to try to do this, for the dreams I had during the quarantine furnished much fertile ground for the development of some of my musical ideas.

Some of the dreams were memories of my childhood, some, of my Conservatory days, some, of young parenthood, some, of my midlife lane changes, and some, music performances. My approach, to share these musings, is to let each listener form their own idea of what is going on in each dream sequence. I guess this is some type of Sonic Impressionism, if you wish. The titles of these compositions don’t necessarily give the plot of the musical stories of my dreams away, but they hopefully will give the listener the means necessary to think creatively outside the proverbial box in the forming of a musical impression and journey of their own design. By using a combination of winds and electronica, and different hybrids and organic combinations of styles (classical, improvisation, jazz, block technique, counterpoint, rock, funk, and world music), my dreams became multi dimensional.

So, here are the titles...

“Tesla’s Dance”

“Thugs from Beyond”

“In A Glance”

“The Tower”

“Winter Evening”

“Driving Through Frankenstein”


“Quarantine Dreams”