”The Zen Trumpet”

Trumpet/ Composer/Recording Artist/Clinician/ Teacher

E.E. Pointer is featured collaborative soloist in the internationally acclaimed River Cow Orchestra from Kansas City, MO. He has recently performed or recorded with the Nortons, Perfumed Nightmare, the Necessity Brass Band, the Loose Cannon Brass Band, the South Street Blues Band, and Sacred & Secular.  Mr. Pointer performs on a custom crafted Harrelson “Summit” trumpet (LP #4, Bell #7), with a custom 5MM (modular design/delrin rim) mouthpiece by Jason Harrelson.

Pointer produced, composed and performed his six solo CD’s, “...Better Late, Than Never... "(co-producer, Murphy Tetley)(2004), “Vignettes”(2007), ”Necessary Road" (2020), and “Dialogues” (2020), “Quarantine Dreams” (2021), and “Incomplete Fool” (2023).

Pointer’s Discography includes:

“...Better Late, Than Never...” (2004)
“Underpass” (2005) with Perfumed Nightmare,
Unreleased (2006) with Loose Cannon Brass Band
“Vignettes” (2007)
”Emerging”(2008), with RCO
“The Tyranny and Grace of Good Socks” (2009) with RCO
“Secret Sickness” (2009), with RCO
“Live at the Farris” (2010), with RCO
“Mother Tongue” (2011), with RCO
“Go Wake The Rooster” (2011)with RCO
“This Is Not a Bill” (2012),with RCO
“Going Softly into The Good Night” (2013), with RCO
“Finding Water” (2014), with RCO
"Waltz of Hearts" (2014), with RCO
"Can't Change The Weather" (2015), with RCO
"Cha Pooka" (2016), with RCO
"Too High, Too Soon" (2016), with RCO
“The Devil Inside The Box" (2016), with RCO
"Ipso Facto"(2017), with RCO
"Apples and 3.14"(2017), with RCO
“Grinder”(2018), with RCO
“Dichromatic Demons” (Live @ KKFI) (2018), with RCO
“InterGalactic Love Men”(2019), with RCO
“Serious Tools”(2019), with RCO
“First Bliss” (2020), with RCO
”Necessary Road“ (2020)
”Dialogues” (2020)
”Quarantine Dreams” (2021)
”Incomplete Fool” (2023)
“Worm” (2024)
“Night Sessions”  (2024)   TBA

E.E. Pointer was born, raised and schooled in Missouri and resides there today. His parents made his childhood years a wonderful experience for all involved. His brothers and sister are all talented artistic people who owe much to the time they spent in a loving and sharing musical home. Pointer started playing keyboards at the age of five and the trumpet at the age of ten. He attended and graduated from Swinney Conservatory at Central Methodist College (University) and solidified the beginnings of his musical journey. (Great teachers, great ideas, great friends 🎶). Before beginning a career in music education as an instrumental music teacher, (the last 24 years at Richmond (MO) High School), he had various character building work experiences, including working on a barge, working at farm labor, working as a track laborer on the railroad, sacking groceries, working in a library and working as a goldsmith. In his musical career he has played in pizza joints, churches, polka bands, brass choirs, concert bands, orchestras, art galleries, museums, pit bands, jazz ensembles, brass bands, R & B groups, rock bands, funk bands, blues bands, etc. In other words, like many other working musicians, Pointer is a trumpet player, composer, band mate, and teacher who is constantly looking for new musical challenges. He has raised two extraordinary children (a handsome son and a beautiful daughter) of his own, found a wonderful family extension with his wife, Sally, and her two extraordinary children (a beautiful daughter and a handsome son). He and his wife, Sally, have been blessed with nine glorious grandchildren.

RCO ... Fun Gig

E.E. Pointer is the featured collaborative soloist with the River Cow Orchestra from Kansas City, MO.