Back Story
E.E. Pointer, Jonathan Pointer (circa,1958)

Brothers with the Station Wagon.

At any moment, in one’s journey, a reflection on folks who influenced us is a ritual that needs to always be applied. The music teachers in my life who pushed me toward the art were many and all very special.  They all added to my growth.  Some stood out.....they still stand out.  My mother, Bonnie (Pointer) McCalley, and my dad, Jack Pointer, were the best examples of life and music I could ever imagine. My sister, Rosanne Elise, with her musical stamina, her belief in her self, and her wonderful voice, is always an inspiration.  My brother, Jack Edward, Jr.  pushed me to continue my playing. His love of new things has always been a fantastic quality. He is brilliant and is a great writer.  He was also a great student and a pretty funky French horn player, too.

In the fall of 1970, my musical training got really serious, when I enrolled and studied at Swinney Conservatory of Music  at Central Methodist College (University). This was one of the key moments in my ongoing journey towards musical enlightenment.

 People like Lily Harrison, Billie Hamann, Kenneth and Nancy Seward,  Paul Montemurro, Thomas Yancey,  Keith House,  Claude Gordon, Phil Posey, Lisle Moore, and Bob Hansen, all helped me in ways one can only imagine.  My teaching colleagues for all those years in Richmond, kept me grounded in a great way. Folks like Dr. Roy Cozad,  Tom Adams, Steve Hitchcock, Spanky Minnick, Robbie Bowers, and Gary Converse have added to my life experience. My personal college musical friends who shaped my musical tastes were very valuable. People like  B. Murphy Tetley, Gene Rauscher, Bruce Barnett, Herman Byrd, Steven Colby, David Caputo, Kenneth Page, Avian Bear, Sam White, Dan Brooks, Robert H. Bray, Bill Dineen, Dennis Froeschner, Rick Cowart, Dan Cotton, Don Groenenboom, and Michael Abbott. Folks like Bill McKemy, Joe Dimino, Kevin Rabas, and John Kreicbergs have all made a huge difference. Thank you, my friends.

  Sorry if I forgot a musical moment or two with others.

 A  very special thanks to my brother, Jonathan P. Pointer, for his musicianship, his art, his humor, his humanity, and his intellect.  We share some great memories and are anxious to discover some new musical memories together. He is one in a trillion.  I love you, Bub.

My most recent musical mates have been an incredible source of musical inspirations. Thanks so much to these folks of like musical minds:  Brent Bowman, Greg Field, Michael LaGrega, Don Carter, Allan McGinty, Jesus Negron, Ryan Jones, George Boje, Joe Shields, Issaku Yamaashi, Grant Harse, and Kristina Ning. 

The music I listen to still continues to inspires me.  Gustav Mahler,  Igor Stravinsky, Michael Colgrass, Steve Reich, Maceo Parker, Fred Wesley, Frank Zappa, Pat Metheny, Lyle Mays, Weather Report (Joe Zawinul),  John Coltrane, Herbie Hancock, Keith Jarrett, Miles Davis, Clifford Brown, Lee Morgan, Don Cherry, Parliament(George Clinton), Don Ellis, Chet Baker, Freddie Hubbard, Sun Ra, Bill McKemy, Bill Evans, Tony Bennett, River Cow Orchestra,  Chris Thile, etc. are on my many playlists. (and that’s just this last week)...Listening can lead to a treasure chest full of incredible musical gems.

My children, Meredith and Nate, both had and continue to have a tremendous  effect on me.  They are a joy to their own families, now. I love you,  kids. (And all of the grandchildren❤️)

 I would also be remiss to fail  to mention my life long, close friend, Ernest G.  Jones, without whose love, support, and understanding, our journey would have been boring.   I love you, man.

But most of all,   I want to thank my wife, Sally.  She has been an inspiration to me  since before I knew  her. You see, she was, and is, still, my ‘dream girl’.  I love you,  Sal❤️💐.

 Buddha said, “ You are what you think.”

I think I have been lucky and blessed with the influences that I had and continue to have on my journey.

Once again, I am sorry if I forgot a musical moment or two with others.


E. E.