Sometimes one has a habit of over speaking. I have been guilty of that many times. I was thinking of sharing with you some of my process for the project entitled “Worm”, when a realization hit me; the listener’s final impression of the music is what is important for the effectiveness of the art. And sincerity is still an important part of any type of meaningful communication (including music). So… Having high expectations for the audience of folks that listen to my music is a sincere effort on my part to raise the bar on musical imagery. I don’t want to spoon feed anybody any ideas of what the music means, sounds like, or how it was created. It is still pretty much impressionistic, so the ball is in the listener's court  (to mix my metaphors). The neo-impressionistic slant of the compositions on "Worm", should supply all who want to share in the fun, plenty of their own impressions of the music.  You don't need me to tell you anything about the geneses of these compositions.

What I will tell you is this:

Each one of these tunes depict some touch stone over the past two years.

I tried to put the music selections in a concert program order, just like the old days, placating the memories of my mentors.

The Ghost in the Machine (?)helped create not only the chaotic dissonance at times, but also the soothing episodic flexing of the software reflection.

I will leave the experience of your impressions to your brilliant listening skills.

I hope you enjoy. Thank you!